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    I hereby assume responsibility for any and all risks, damages or injuries which may result from engaging in any physical exercises, class or activity. I hereby release and discharge, Videotrainer LLC , including but not limited to, it's owners, partners, employees, instructors, volunteers, and agents from any and all claims, damages, or injuries thereof.

    All participants should consult with a physician before taking private or group exercise classes. I understand and acknowledge that Videotrainer LLC, its owners, partners, employees, instructors , volunteers, and agents have no expertise in diagnosing, examining or treating a medical condition.

    I understand if I am pregnant or become pregnant at a later date, I must have doctor's permission to participate in exercise classes and furnish evidence of such permission to Video trainer LLC upon request.

    I agree to make payments in advance for sessions upon request and understands that there will be no refunds given.

    I also understand that I must cancel a session 24 hours or more before the appointment to retain the ability to reschedule. If I cancel during the 24 hour period before my appointment, I will pay the full amount of scheduled session. No money will be refunded.

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